Random Quotes #4

The church is not an audience of spectators; we are a fellowship of disciple-makers. David Platt
The Lord Jesus, our Mediator and Savior, possesses all power and authority over all things. That means no one else has any power or any authority over anything. Don Fortner
God is weening us off ourselves with afflictions, suffering, and trials. Akash Sant Singh
God’s unblemished holiness is reflective of His unrelenting hatred of sin. His undeserving mercy is inconceivable in view of His unyielding justice. Yet His unconditional love is grounded in His unmerited grace. Mike Gendron
It is the mark of a hypocrite to be a Christian everywhere but home. Robert McCheyne
The day is coming when hypocrites will be stripped of their fig-leaves. Matthew Henry
How vast the benefits divine which we in Christ possess! We are redeemed from guilt and shame and called to holiness. But not for works which we have done, or shall hereafter do, hath God decreed on sinful men salvation to bestow. Augustus Toplady
Let me beg you, not to rest contented with the common place religion that is now so prevalent. Adoniram Judson
It is scarcely possible in most places to get anyone to attend a meeting where the only attraction is God. A W Tozer