What Is The Gospel?

It seems every time I hear the word “gospel” mentioned these days it has a different meaning. It is often used today, in its broadest sense, to describe God’s truth or love and, in its weakest sense, to mean happiness or enjoyment. The Gospel, in its purest and most powerful interpretation, is God’s eternal plan to redeem a multitude of sinners unto Himself. This plan has four essential elements:
1) God – He is the holy Creator and sustainer of the world. He is worthy of all our worship and is unable to tolerate sin in any form. He will one day judge all sinners according to their works.
2) Man – We are all sinners by birth and practice. We naturally rebel against God and are unable to do anything to please Him. We have no ability to save ourselves from His coming judgment.
3) Christ – Jesus is the eternal son of God who, before the world began, sovereignly chose to come to earth as a man and die to be a ransom for many. By His death, He satisfied the wrath of God for those who would believe on Him.
4) Response – God commands all men everywhere to repent of their sin and trust in the death of Jesus Christ as payment for their trespasses. Turning from your sins and placing your faith in Christ alone is the only thing God will accept.
This is the Gospel (literally, the Good News) that the love and mercy of God are shown in His eternal plan to save a people for Himself, by Himself, and through Himself. When all we deserved was His swift judgment for disobeying His every command.
Point four begs the question: How can a person respond to God’s command when we are, by nature, the enemies of God and dead in our sins? The Holy Spirit is sent from the Father to convict fallen man of his condition and grant him the gifts of repentance and grace. All three members of the trinity work together to redeem mankind from his lost condition. What is your condition? What was your response? Your actions are sure to tell of your response.

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