Christians Unite! Or Not…

As our country falls farther into the toilet, you may have noticed the calls for Christians to unite together and bring God back into our country. The statements go something like this. If Christians would unite, we could take our country back. When churches come together as one around Jesus… If we join forces… God won’t bless our nation till the churches are all one. It’s time for Christians put their differences aside and work together. It’s not a time to debate doctrine, it’s a time for action. If my people, who are called by my name,… STOP IT! WE ARE NOT ISRAEL! GOD DIDN’T GIVE US LAND! (sorry, it hurts to type out of context)

If you stop and think about it, those are some of the dumbest statements a true Christian can make. Allow me to ask a few obvious follow up questions to the above statements. Does God need permission to enter any country on the planet He made? And that, ruled by a government He raised up? Does God need national unity to bring about his purposes? Christ split every crowd he preached among! How do churches “come together around Jesus” when he is already the Head of the Church? Can you imagine an Apostle putting aside doctrine to get a bigger crowd? They warned against it! Why would we put our Bibles aside in order to take action? Why don’t we just take the steering wheel out of our car and drive thru Dallas instead? What is our fascination with taking a country over for Christ? How could this happen when most of our churches can’t even articulate a Biblical gospel?

And therein lies the proof that this call for unity is not of God. Our unity is to be in the Gospel. How can we unite with those who proclaim a different way of salvation? Apart from Truth, unity can not exist. A marriage built on falsehood with opposing goals will not enjoy unity. Neither will any movement started by man. The early church enjoyed unity until false teaching entered and split the congregations. Should a true church unite a with false church to gain a majority?

That is why doctrine needs to be put aside in order for us to work together. They know this, so we are told to “rally around Jesus.” That sounds like a noble cause every Believer should join. But upon closer inspection, it’s what you teach about Jesus that matters. There are 100′s of cults that claim the name of Jesus. Every false prophet from Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen to Paul and Jan Crouch will unite with anyone at the name of Jesus. Many know his name, but he’s more than a name.

The trouble begins when you proclaim who Christ is and what he requires of men. That is the gospel! We can and will work with everyone who preaches a Biblical gospel. Truth is, there aren’t many of us around these days. But don’t let that discourage you. Christ only started with 12, and he gave them this doctrine.