Take Part In Every Election

Unless you live under a literal rock and haven’t came out from under it until today, you know we have an election this Tuesday Nov 8th. I am tired of hearing about it and I’m even tired talking about it. But come Wednesday morning we all must deal with the outcome of the decisions made by our fellow countrymen. And that brings me to my point, you are my fellow citizens and you have a responsibility in this decision. I trust you take it seriously and by seriously I mean you will vote in it.

I’ll not tell you who to vote for because I believe every Spirit filled believer is capable of making a Godly decision after prayer and consideration his choices. (the key is being Spirit filled) So that begs this question, have you prayed about who you will be voting for? It ceases to amaze me that some Christians never consult their Heavenly Father before they cast a ballot for the next leader of our nation. Many just vote the way their parents told them to years ago. Other vote for the person who promises them the most financial gain or the personality that appeals to them.

I will freely confess their are no clear cut Biblically qualified, God fearing candidates on the ticket. But is that a reason for you to stay home? I say no, and here’s why. We live in a secular world and we have to make secular decisions, many times with out any good options. Do you by all your groceries from a Christian? Do you only buy gas for your car from a Christian? Do you only eat in Christian owned restaurants? I will venture to say no, you don’t. If so, I guess you grow all your own food, walk or ride a horse, and never eat out? Oh No! But when given the option you would clearly support a fellow believer. And there are some places you will definitely not do business with because of the beliefs they stand for. An so it is with the election. Will you still sit out or will you participate?

With that said you must now do your due diligence to seek the Lord in this matter. Don’t listen to the news media, they are as corrupt as anybody in the race. Don’t listen to your pocket book, or even your own personal wishes. Listen to the Lord. Voting for the best available candidate will not ensure they win, but not voting will only help them to lose. To not act is to act.

Why is it so important that we participate? Why not stay home and show the country that Christians don’t like either candidate? Because we are salt and light. When you take us out of the equation you get rot and darkness. Christians have stayed home for various reasons over the last few elections and it shows in the degradation of our country. You say, Preacher, are you advocating the better of two evils? No, I’m advocating you pray about it and see what God advocates.