New Year’s Resolution

We are officially in the “New Year’s Resolution” season. Now is the time for you to determine to change something about yourself this coming year. Step two, go out in the woods and drive a stake in the ground, or carve your commitment into a rock (you low-lander can carve it into a tree). On second thought, Why not do all three? Set your new resolution down in a permanent manner so you will not change it. Step three, post it somewhere prominent where you will be reminded of it regularly. The refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, or better yet the opening screen of your phone so you’ll be sure to see it 200+ times each day.

Allow me now to skip ahead to April or maybe just to the end of January when you give up on the new you and settle for the reality of the old you. I know some of you have a rare success story when something really did change that one year, but that was an oddity and you need to quit dwelling on the past. So here we are, after three plus weeks of trying. right back to where we were Dec 31, 2016. Oh the horror of it all! We failed again!

Instead of making one or more New Years Resolutions every year and not keeping them, lets learn something “new” this year. First off, man’s “will” is really useless. Honestly we can’t stick with much of anything unless we absolutely have too. There is a salvation illustration in there, but I’ll let you work that out on your own. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with resolutions as long as we understand they were made by us. I’m not saying don’t try to fix what’s wrong but I am saying be realistic about your expectations. Thirdly, why do we wait till Jan 1 to start? If it needs fixing we can start any time before or after the 1st. Fourthly, don’t make “do or die” resolutions. You’ll kill yourself. Last but not least, Is this resolution of any eternal value? If not, I wish you the best of luck with that. If so, you have an Advocate with the Father who can ensure your success. When you falter (and you will falter) He stands ready to forgive and start you again.

God never offered to help us accomplish our personal wishes this new year. But He did promise our personal transformation into the person He wants us to be. With that, I wish you many successful resolutions all year!