One of the worst short comings of our society today is a lack of faithfulness. I’m not just talking about within the church. A casual look at how many kids start college and how many finish will easily prove this to be true. Employment records tell of many people who lost their jobs for simply not showing up or consistent tardiness. Marriages all to often end because of the unfaithfulness of a spouse. The kids also suffer from their parents lack of faithfulness and the next generation is raised to see it as an acceptable practice that everyone does. While their are legitimate reasons to quit school, miss work, arrive late and even divorce. This should never happen simply because of a lack of effort on our part.

Now I want to look at an underlying cause of unfaithfulness. I think it can be traced directly back to selfishness. Allow me to demonstrate, selfishness occurs when what we want becomes more important than what we have already committed ourselves to do. I’ll grant you that we wouldn’t word it that way ourselves, we’ll say something like this: “It’s to nice of a day to spend it at work.” “I’m going to enjoy tonight and pay for it at work tomorrow.” “Right now I want to ____, because I can finish school anytime.” “Nobody should have to endure what I’m dealing with in my marriage.” Did you notice how in each sentence the justification for breaking a commitment came from their personal feelings at the time? We can’t call ourselves faithful when we are only faithful when we feel like it. Faithfulness requires a commitment that exceeds all other desires old and new.

Time was when a man worked his entire life for one company, completed his commitments or died trying, and divorce was a rarity instead of a common occurrence. During this time people borrowed money on a hand shake and children were taught that a man’s word was his bond. What has happened to us?

Our current state of emotions have prevailed over commitments we’ve made with a clear head and a sound mind. We as a society have traded rational decisions for the fleeting moment. As if we might miss something if we continue in the drudgery of a promise we made in the past. The grass ain’t greener, and we aren’t missing anything. By keeping our word, we are demonstrating integrity, modeling true character, and carrying on an almost lost trait from the past.

As a Christian we are showing others to some degree the faithfulness that Christ has shown us. He never quit on us when we were not all that we should’ve been. He never yielded to emotions in his commitment to us. Of all the people on the planet to demonstrate faithfulness, shouldn’t Christians be the best at it? We are the recipients of His faithfulness and the world deserves to see it lived out in our lives.