The Bible Is Vanishing!

Fewer and fewer Bibbles are brought to church, and many of the people that bring them don’t use them after arival.


It would be foolish to try and make bread without flour or concrete without sand. When an essential ingredient is left out, we create a completely different product. It is equally true of the Church. If the Word of God is absent in the House of God what will that produce? I’ll give a short list of possible answers.


#1 Weak Christians; Believers will be very immature and easily deceived with very little fruit showing.

#2 Fake Christians; These are people who have no true faith in Christ, but have become members or maybe even leaders of the church.

#3 The identity of the Church is lost; There will be no difference between the Church or any other civic group. An absence of true holiness.

#4 God is mocked; When those who claim his name fail to walk in his statutes they give the rest of the world reason to doubt and discredit God.

Many do not realize that the Bible is largely absent in pulpits across our country today. On a typical Sunday morning stories and jokes are told, videos with a “message” are shown, musical performances are applauded and the Bible is used only as an occasional reference or to add spiritual credibility. Many churches spend more time preparing decorations, sound checks, advertising and entertaining than they do expounding, exhorting and applying the Holy Scriptures.

However, the symptoms of the Bible’s absence are undeniable. Most church attendees can not defend their faith and have only a shallow understanding of their salvation. Churches are filled with worldly people, ideas and methods. The members are not even identifiable as being a part of God’s flock.

Our only hope for this trend to change is found in a rich, steady diet of God’s Word. The missing ingredient is also the cure. The responsibility start with pastors. They must strive to prepare a Bible filled message every time they stand to speak. Fathers must lead their family to attend a Church where the Bible is faithfully taught.

Will you pray with us for God to raise up more Bible teaching churches? We should not just pray and then sit idly by and wait for this to happen. Join and support a Bible preaching church with your attendance, tithes, prayers and encourage others to do the same.